Case Examples

Case One – Implant surgery at time of extraction (Immediate implant)

Failing crown UR1

Failing crown UR1

Titanium abutment

Titanium abutment

Implant crown

Implant crown

Case Two – Implant with gum graft to improve gum level

Failing crown UL2 – poor gum level

Implant abutment

Implant crown – improved gum level

Case Three – Implant upper right first incisor / bone and gum grafting

Malformed UR1 with bone / gum defect

Implant following bone / gum grafting

Implant crown and veneers

Restorative treatment – Dr Surinder Hundle, Lund Osler, London

Case Four – Failing root canal treated upper right first incisor

Discoloured failing tooth UR1

Atlantis Abutment

Implant crown UR1

Case Five – Immediate implant for failing crown upper right first incisor

Failing crown UR1

Zirconium abutment

Implant crown

Case Six – Patient with congenitally missing upper second incisor teeth
(Implant / Orthodontic /Restorative treatment)

Before treatment(Retracted)

Before treatment (Smiling)

After treatment – implants and composite veners

Orthodontic treatment – Dr Usman Qureshi, Carisbrook Dental Care, Manchester
Restorative treatment – Dr Tariq Idrees, Carisbrook Dental Care, Manchester